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Stradic Vs Biomaster


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There isnt anything in particular abt either reel that makes one significantly better than the other, Varos.

I've had the Biomaster 2500 for ages, a Stradic 2500 for abt 2 months, and both reels are value for money performers.

My Biomaster has accounted for a heap of jews and kings under heavy drag and the only thing I've replaced on the reel is the drag washer, which is now Carbontex instead of the standard material.

Basicly, if u can get a Biomaster cheaply, go for it.

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I would say Biomaster for the following reasons:

1. superior ball-bearing supported drag

2. lighter weight

3. less common!

I have two Biomasters (1000 and C3000) and they are fantastic. Smooth as silk. As Matrix says, the drag on these reels is fantastic. My 1000 has performed flawlessly, even on schooling sambos in Sydney Harbour. People rave about the Daiwa Airity's ($400+) light weight at 195g. The Biomaster 1000 is a mere 5g heavier at 200g!

In fact, I'd probably even take the Ultegra (one level below the Biomaster) ahead of the Stradic. Just MHO.

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i rea up on these biomasters and the only downfall from what i see is that there is not alot of spool space for spooling up ?

Mate, I'm pretty sure the spool capacities for the Biomaster and Stradic are very similar. In fact, looking at the Shimano website, the Biomaster seems to have a little more spool capacity (Bio: 10lb/150m, Stradic 10lb/120m).

If you're spooling up with braid, it shouldn't matter anyway, as you would fit 300m of 10lb on the Biomaster 2500. However, if you are still concerned, upsize to the C3000 (which I did) - the reel body is exactly the same size as the 2000 and 2500, but the spool has a wider lip, which increases the capacity by about 25%.


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I too have got a Biomaster C3000 and it has performed flawlessly, top value for the money in my opinion, much better than the stradic. I have had it for a year now and havent had any problems with it.

The only downfall would be warranty issues, since it is a Jap spec reel, it would be difficult to get it reparied under warranty.

my two cents,

monk :1fishing1:

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