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Just like very other fishraider I have my "retirement" (aka dream ) boat planned out

in infinite detail.... Its currently on Boatpoint, about 33 years too early...



Its called "WildThing" I'd change the name, but it would be the ultimate boat for the type of fishing

i enjoy most- multi-day offshore reef fishing on grounds that only ever see cray boats

Its a 34foot Clayton Gallant, I've been on Snapper charters on the 6.8 Metre version and they are an awesome trailer boat. They are really built for charter/commercial use in heavy seas. I dont think my

Forester will pull the 34 footer though... $180,000 with free tractor!


If i was into marlin/big game fishing it would have to be "ultimate lady" I just watched a video about the

boat when they went to Wanganella Banks off NZ and hooked up 5 striped marlin at once.

at 90 feet it would have cost into the millions to build, I dont think I've seen a better game fishing boat anywhere, The interior is 5 star - have a look at the website http://www.ultimatelady.com/

It has a nautical range of 5500 miles.... Imagine filling the tank!

The video is great to watch, but its pretty much a bragging about home many marlin they catch and

how great the boat type dvd, i prefer to watch fishing ones where I learn something, and didnt watch it to the end.


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Guest IFishSick.

Yeah I've seen that DVD, its awsome, catching 22 Marlin in the one day is quite an accomplishment. Ross Hunter however has caught 21 in the one day. :1yikes:

Mine is not as elaborate as the ultimate lady but still a great boat.

The Cruise Craft 685 Outsider, with outriggers and all Tiagra's included.

Run on twin Evinrude E-Tec 150's.

And maybe the money to run it every weekend I would be set.


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