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What's Happening In Pittwater?


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While it seems that the pelagics are going nuts in the harbour at the moment does anyone have any current reports on Kings, salmon etc in Pittwater. I tried dragging a few lures around Pittwater for a couple of taylor (40cm) last week but no sign of any surface activity. Anyone having any joy in Pittwater at the moment or should I be launching the tinny down at Roseville next time?

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Not much at all lately, saw a school of Choppers busting up around Lion Island last week but the moorings and the points have been close to dead. No Kingie's in sight! Have heard the odd report of them being caught out at the reefs.



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I too have heard of the 6 month lock out. Hopefully this will help somewhat but can't help but wonder why 6 months and what basis this was decided upon. The commercial fishos can't be too happy with no harbour and now no Pittwater but it does beg the question whether commercial fishing should be allowed in this region at all. Now that would be a bonus for everyone especially with reports of the harbour fishing so well.

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