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Help Please!


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G'day all.

My neighbour has a 6.4 mtr Barcrusher with a 200hp Honda 4 stroke on the back.

The problem is he has nobody to fish with & doesn't have many gps marks for off the Tweed Coast.

I have kindly offered to fish with him in his boat. :thumbup::074:

We are heading out in the morning for my first trip, heading to where he knows with some livies. He gets into to few kings, cobes & spotties.

If any Raider out there could share some offshore way points up this way it would be greatly appreciated.

You can P.M me if you like. :biggrin2:



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Any of the reefs off Tweed have their fair share of jew. The current at the moment will severely limit your ability at targeting them though.

Much better a winter option they are.

I reckon conditions out there would have been pretty crapola. Got up at 3:00am to check & went back to bed. :)

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