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Pack Up And Head South - Soon


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Anyone who has fished the Tuross will be pleased to know that following the recent rains the river is now open.


Unfortunately the rains may well have made the problem worse. My grandfather is down there and says the flow has been extremely dirty with plenty of soil being washed down from upstream.

The drought has meant the water level has dropped extremely but the way the land has been used down there has meant the heads have been slowly silting up for twenty years. without tidal movement the river hasnt fished that well over the last few years but hopefully that will change.

The flood has lifted the water level and with some council help the heads are open with tidal movement now back. This should be enough to improve the fishing in the short term but I doubt it will be long before it closes up again.

Unfortunately my time is limited in the near future but I would recommend any of you estuary blokes who have the time to get down there and give it a go.



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