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Strange Fish In Middle Harbour




Hi Raiders,

Here is a hard one - I cant find it in my books.

It is one of the strangest fish I've seen, its looks like an angelfish/old wife and the closest fish i can

find in my books with the long fins is a moorish idol it wasnt that, as the fins extend from to or three

points and extend 20x the length of the fish, like long trailing ribbons.

The ribbons weren't fungus and were definately fin extensions.

The was a school of five , they looked like they escaped from a freshwater tropical tank.

They were hanging around the mooring in Northbridge Marina

Sorry about the pic quality


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I'd say that they were juvenile Diamond Trevally (Alectis indica) or Pennant Fish (Alectis ciliaris) - the juveniles feature extremenly long, filamentous fins and five to seven broad, dark bands. Here's a pic of a juvenile Pennant Fish:



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Well done Flattieman. Your knowledge of all things pistatorial never ceases to amaze me.

I wouldn't have had a clue what those fish were...You nailed it in 20 minutes.

Keep up the great work.



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