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Roseville Ramp


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we went outside yesterday but could only manage a couple of flatties but when we returned to the ramp at 3pm the tide was pretty low. ive got a 6mtre quinney and drive it on and off the trailer. my mate drove it on and i started to drive up the ramp and suddenly felt like the boat shifted on the trailer and my mate yelled stop. he thought the trailer collapsed but in fact the ramp concrete let go and we were in a hole right up to the axle. i dropped the boat off and got the trailer out of the hole with little to no damage. after retrieving the boat again alls good but be carefull the hole is in the middle of the ramp on the the passanger side of the trailer. i spotted the ranger and told him to get it fixed asap as ther are some big boats use this ramp. be careful guys.

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