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Outboard Covers


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Hey Raider's,

I have noticed recently the increase in popularity of "wetsuit" material outboard covers used when boats are operating (i.e. not in storage).

Being a person that wears wetsuits I was wondering does the engine keep at normal operating temp and not sweat - as weatsuit material is a good insulator or does it magically work?

Do any outboard manufacturers recommend them or condone them?

And why do people use them when their engine already has a cover??????



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I'm with you elliott,

With the new yami on the back of our boat we were told by yamaha to not run it with a cover on, but for storage etc fine whatever.

What is the major benefit (is there one), it couldn't be to stop backwash, if it came that high up the transom well you could be in trouble with following seas. to stop salt etc? i wash and hand wax the 18ft after each outing. Why then???? Hopefully the one of the raiders may use a cover while under way and submit their reason for doing so


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Hey Elliot,

I use a cover on my 225optimax made it myself but the only reason I use it is to stop my mates sinkers and hooks bashing and scratching the cowl.

I bought 15mm sound proof spong from a carparts place and my wife made a black vinyl skin to go over it with openings out the back for the air intake. Its has stopped alot of the engine sound aswell.

Originally I was just going to use 15mm spong but the sound proof material was a better after thought.

I dont leave it on at home it normaly needs to be washed anyway.

I found no differance with engine temp, being a black cowl you could fry an egg on it on sunny days.


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Hey, Elliott, I had one made for my Honda out of wetsuit material. Did it to protect the cowl from accidental damage. No probs with engine temp as the breather holes were not covered, besides, outboards are water cooled, not air cooled. Did offer some protection as well but did not make the engine any quieter than it already is. Ended up taking it off as it faded and started to look a bit shitty, mind you, I may put it back on - it seems that no matter how careful you are, the cowl always seems to have a new mark on it when you come home. cost me all up about $100 with joins stitched etc.


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