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Whats This I Have Caught?



I caught this fish over the xmas holidays up at Airlie beach QLD.

It was taken on fresh squid, went about 30cm

Looks to be some sorta catfish but im not sure please help

just a couple of questions

1. What is it

2. Are they ediable

3. What are they like to eat if you can eat them

(sorry about the crappy phone pic)


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O really i thought that but i guessed it was a catfish because it had those feelers, owell there were so many of them it wasnt funny, whats the legal size limit?

BTW this fish had smooth skin , it didnt have scales

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Your suspicion is right, RPL that's a cattie. Easy to tell fron the spinous dorsal fin & short rounded adipose fin.

looks like a threadfin catfish Arius armiger one of the most common species of cattie in northern Aust waters. Most end up in crab pots for something really worthwhile. That's what they're best at. :biggrin2:

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