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Humminbird X150


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any one know anything about these, or know where i can find info on it?

getting one thrown in with my boat, just want to know how cheap n crappy it is! :biggrin2:

Just did a search on the Hummingbird websites user manual list and can't find the x150


Anyone out there able to help Wildfish out with some info?



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Its an old sounder probably around 6 or 7 yrs old Id say the dealer has had it lying around and wants to get rid of it It is a good functional sounder from the cheaper end of the market I think they were around $350 at that time I still run a sx100 that I bought for my boat back in 98 and it still does the job for the fishing that I do

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:074: I think he fancies himself as the Iceman from the movie Top Gun. :1yikes::tease:

Lucky I got the nickname a few years before that crap movie came out :1prop:

By the way my mother is coming down so Ill try and get her to make some ollieballen :tease:

guess not. chuck liddell the iceman.

world champion ultimate fighter.

Might have to google his name and have a look used to do some kickboxing myself many many years ago

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