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Beware The Cordless Spray Gun!


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A couple more lessons were learned today. First, dont bother with cordless spray guns. They suck. Well, they dont suck, they blow, but pretty poorly! I was saying to another FR today that i might aswell have applied the paint by taking a mouthful of primer and blowing on with a big rasberry aboriginal-style. It would have been better than the cordless spray gun... Anyhow, loan of proper spray gun is being arranged...OK

Masking tape. I recommend you buy the best quality stuff you can. Even the crap stuff, of which i used two rolls, is expensive for what it seems, so i think its a matter of choosing a brand, not a price. Boring topic i know, but basically, the masking tape body wasnt strong enough to survive being peeled off. In the end i felt like i had just scratched about 270 $2 scratchies for $0 winnings. I think you get the picture!

We ended up brushing the paint on - once we realised that the cordless spray gun was a shocker, i went out and bought the best paint brushes i could get, and we brushed on the primer. It came up well, for brushing. I recon we could get a good finish brunshing the top coat on too, but ive spent so much time on this, i dont want to take short cuts at this stage. Will lightly sand, then spray on the top coat. Incidently - the paint i used was the stuff Bias sell - the red version of the primer brushes on easier (have no idea why).

So, in the end, we got the bugger primed, which was good. Really good now that i think about it. It was yet another little hurdle-athon, but, its great to have it painted. No more cleaning aluminium for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accept maybe the gunwales... :wacko:

Picture attached. Looks funny with two different colour primers. Top coat scheduled for April. In the mean time, im on leave from boat work... think i might go fishing :074::074::074:


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