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Dropped the kids off at school and headed for the boat ramp today where my Dad (72yo) was waiting for a lift. As this was my first voyage without my hubby, I'm pleased to say our trip was hassle free - except for the cable snapping when winding in the boat on our return. Now my Dad ain't no boy scout but his marvellous rope tiring was enough to secure a 17ft boat for a trip on the F3. Definitely need to get that fixed before the weekend!

Now for the fishing report: The day was perfect, no kids, sun was shining, smooth water lay ahead, tide was right and it was brilliant spending some quality time with my dear old Dad who loves to fish - only problem was that there weren't any bites, except just over legal size brim (see below) which I sent home with Dad for dinner.

Funny to think that this morning I was worried that my bucket wasn't going to be big enough for today catches - maybe next time. :1fishing1:

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Nice fish, is that Lenny? Thats awesome. A true Hawkesbury Guru! He didnt get any elbow slappers did he? I know he can.


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nice catch there, one fish is better than no fish.

The best thing of all was that you got to spend some good quality time with your father.

Your dad will always cherish this day that you took the time out to share one of lifes great pass times just with him.

tight lines.

twin 1


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