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Fishing Spots In Sydney


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Hi All,

I am new to the boating world. Need your help in finding good spots to fish in Sydney. I live in the south west of Sydney.

Botany Bay, Georges River, Hawkesbury, Berowra Waters, etc.

Information such as best tides, bait, tackle etc.. Many thanks.

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Hi mate

You are very likely to find out the info you need, the raiders are a top bunch of people who fish and have wide knowledge on the areas you fish.

I my self fish botany quiet often.

There are various spots that produce good ammounts of quality fish for example molinoux point holds

kingfish, but it can take a while before you find the fish, some days they are there some days they are not.

The kings are normally caught around the various markers/ drums where the ships tie up, but have somepeople have experienced they can show up any where any time taking anything.

Along brighton le-sands there is some top fishing for flathead, the flattys are there most of the time.

The bay also holds schools of tailor at times, not over sized fish but top fun on light gear.

The bay is unpredictable and so are the various rivers, creeks and sorounding areas.

Some of the offshore fishing is good when you get the tides, water temp, location right, a good spot for reef fishing/ bottom fishing is the merries reef complex just north east off cronulla beach has good fishing for snapper, flathead, kingfish, nanaguai, mowies, other places that are like this is the snapper hole off kurnell.

I have fished the cooks river for big flathead, bream once got a snapper that was 38cm from memory.

Have fished the georges river a few times chasing jews and member DOMZA who was fishing with me caught a 89cm flathead.

The bay is very unpredictable, but i guess fishing is just like that.

Good luck with it all.

cheers james

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great detail there james for the newie well done james

uve pretty much summd botany all up in 1 there


Thanks mate, i might also add

The areas around the oil wharf produce some top quality bream, trevally, flathead, occasionally kings.

The key to fishing all these places is burly, whilst around the oilwharf anchor up get a burly trail of bread, pellets and tuna oil out and float peeled prawns back for trevally and various other fish, just remember to follow the sign that says dont go any close than 100 meters from the wharf it's self.

cheers james

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Apologie's Majed, a bit of topic I know but i've always been curious guy's,with a name like "The oil wharf" at Kurnell is there any problem with polution that runs off from the site's in the area or is it all pretty well handled? It just sounds a bit dodgy I think you'd agree.



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