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Sushimi Fish? A Good Fish For Sushimi That Is Common


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What is the best sushimi fish?

obviously Tuna or salmon would be but other than that, species i could catch in the port hacking?

What do i need from capture till the time i eat it?

any advice would be greatly appriciated

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Kingfish,garfish,snapper & slimies

Are all nice sashimi style - as are squid.

Just remember you want to kill and clean/gut/gill them as soon as they are caught,

and straight onto ice with a wet bag on top, not in an ice slurry as it can make

the flesh soft/ or loose flavour. You cant eat a fish sashimi style after its been bloating up in the

sun on the deck of the boat for a few hours -well I wouldnt anyway.

Its also a good idea to dip your slices in sushi vinegar prior to eating to help kill any bacteria,

it doesnt hurt the flavour much as it is very mild. Originally pieces of carp were put in boxes

layered with rice and weighted down - as the rice fermented it preserved the carp, and people

eventually got a taste for the fermented rice, which is where using rice vinegar comes into it, to

give the taste and give some of anti-bacterial properties fermentation would. So I always dip

my fish in sushi vinegar, it taste nice too...

The Nori/Seaweed wrapping around sushi was added as the fermented rice and carp was often served

in gambling dens and the grease/shine from the rice was used to mark cards and cheat, so the nori

was wrapped around to keep their hands clean or so the legend goes.....

Whatever the story behind it nori and wakame they are great for keeping the hair on your head healthy, plus they both taste great

I'g give a miss on eating carp sashimi though.... Oh and FUGU too... remember they were the nation that invented `harakiri' and `kamikaze', so the fact that it takes years to learn how to cook sushi correctly in

traditional japanese cooking, and years more to became a licensed Fugu chef, doesnt stop some DIY Japanese fisherman giving it a shot at home.. I mean how hard can it be?

....poison fish, poison fish are Tasty fish...



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Heaps of fish are great for sashimi mate,

Gars, Kings, whiting, flathead, Live squid, yellowtails, silver trevors, bonnies watson bonnitos. try staying away from jewies and tailor as they taste terrible. Bleed the fish once landed and keep them in a ice slurry of salt water for a few mins to firm up the meat. Fillet and skin the fillets as u normally would. Remove all bones present and slice the meat paper thin. Take the bottle of soya sauce out of ur tackle box and pour some in a dish. For those who liek spicy squirt some wasabi in and mix. Dip and not soak the fish and enjoy!!! Best thing to do by the wharf after a gd days fishing.



Ps: in the tropics- magrove jacks and queens are awesome for sashimi!!!

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