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Reel Size Vs Guide Size


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Good day all,

Recently there has been a marked increase with breamers using larger size reels such as the 2500 sized reels. My question is would you guys still used the same guide configuration as the smaller reels such as the 1000, or 2000 size reels. The shimano 2500 size reels has a smaller spool diameter compared to the daiwa's 2500. The reason for this is because I recently bought a 2500 sized daiwa and am trying to figure out a rod to fit/ match the reel. The last thing I want is to get a rod with unsuitable configurations/ sizes and affects the benefits of a larger spool.



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Darryl take the reel into the tackle shop where you want to buy a rod, speek with the sales man and explain the fishing you want to do and im sure they will put you on the right track. Those people fish all the time and do most types of fishing so they will help the best. Good luck

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Thanks Jorg,

What I am concern is if I am getting a custom rod for it with the same guide spacing or guide size or just the same rods I use with my smaller reels, the distance between the spool and the stripper guide might be too short and thus resulting in line slap or a clogging of line on the stripper guide. Physics will tell you that if that distance is inadequate then this would result in affecting the casting performance of the rod. I know many people whom have shimano 2500 reels and have no problem with it. However if one looks at the daiwa 2500 spools, they are a tad larger than the shimanos. Thus looking at the daiwa tourny rods which has a lager stripper guide might be the way to go. I am just being a pain in the butt and want something different.

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