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How Do I Tune My Lures

the bream

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Guest IFishSick.

What type of lure are you having trouble with?

Is the bib large or small?

Plastic or Metal?

What brand?

Hardbody I'm guessing.

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usually if the pin that comes out of the bib is metal you bend it left or right to make it swim left or right or balance to swim straight, but before you do that, you are tying it on with a loop knot arent you not tying directly onto towing ring?

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Wild fish hit it on the head, i use small plyers to ajust how the H.B is swimming and its best to work it from the top with plyers faceing directly down.

The way i was told if the body leans to the left ajust it to the right alittle at a time the put the lure in the water and slow wind to see if you need to correct it anymore. :1fishing1:

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