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Put the boat in at 5.00am in the Bay deckie for the Day is Chrisso, went to spot A and raised 4 great sized squid in about 30mins, so far so good. ranged in size from 200mm- 400mm

Fished off Wedding cake island, The trap, The Maddens and Yellow rock......absolutely NOTHING :mad3:

Moved onto spot X, Y and Z STILL NOTHING, the only sign of life in the water was the squid on my hook.

Not even a sniff, seems like many other people experienced the same...just one of those days.

Saw Off tap at the ramp will be interesting to see his report.

WATER TEMPS 20-21 degrees, very dismal for this time of the year.

Should have stayed in bed :ranting2: lately seems like catching pelagic fish around Botany is like flogging a dead :horse:

Anyone get onto Kings in and around Botany today?, Kings not Rats.

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