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Roseville Bridge 24/02/07


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hey raiders

just thought id report a quick session i had under the roseville bridge today.. got there around 7ish and plenty of surface feeding, im guessing were mullet. threw out a couple of SPs first, and got a few hits from bream but no hookup :( had some prawns left over frm last session, so i was goin to use it for berley..but saw ssome poddy mullet cruising by so burleyed with a little bread and caught 2 on the little bits of peeled prawn. i also brought a coke bottle trap, but the only thing that was caught in it was those little puffer fish and the tiniest bream ive ever seen :05: so was happy to catch the 2 poddies, as i was hoping for a flattie!

threw out the unweighted livie and waited.. hving a bite to eat i looked back to notice the rod buckled over, dropped everything and hooked up solid! it felt quite heavy on the 4kg gear, but with slow headshakes and the lovely ZZZZ of the drag, i was guessing it was a flattie? correct me if im wrong, as the leader parted after a few minutes of the fight :1badmood: probably a bad knot.

anyways time was running short as i had to goto work..threw out the next livie but this time on a float. watched he float for a while, then noticed the little fella trying to swim away from something! float goes deep, then bobs back up. reeled in to see a faint bite mark on the poddy, but it was still alive. threw it back out, and watched it. suddenly the float goes deep and tis time stays under :yahoo: struck and came up solid this time the fight was fast and fun, saw it was a long tom as it neared the surface..landed it after it did a very marlin-like jump :1prop: great fun on light gear! a first for me and it measured 58cm.

dont know if they are good to eat though?

anyways, hope everyone had a good day out, as i saw alot of boats launching at the ramp!

Cheers Davy


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It's amazing what Roseville produces at this time of year. There were schools of big slimies down there last Feb. The fish you lost may well have been a Jew. Plenty caught there year round & fishing livies is one of the best ways to find one.

Well done on the Longtom.



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