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Botany Bay, Tried Everything


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Hi guys

Me, DOMZA, my dad and my brother set off on my boat double trouble yesterday morning at 6.00 from cooks river ramp, whilst launching we saw "OFFTAP" and "ASSASSIN", all 3 of us were lined up launching our boats at the same time.

First stop was mol point to pick up some livies, in about an hour we had about 15 yakkas in the tank. also caught a few little snapper whilst we were there.

2nd stop was throwing lures around north head, we didnt do any good although dom caught the roof of the boat :1prop:

We decided to throw livies into the washes between northhead and long bay didn't do any good, so we trolled livies for zilch.

Got to long bay and decided to do a run to the close fad, we fished the close fad for about an hour with a few other boats and didn't see anyone loose a bait, no fish landed.

After the fad we fished the meries reef complex, well dad dom and my brother did i was asleep(big night the night before) dom caught a flatty that was 45cm a few throw backs were also caught.

Dom, dad and my brother saw a school of trevally swimming around the boat, didn't catch any of them.

We decided we would go back into the bay and try for kings at mol point.

On the way back to the bay i was watching the sounder all of a sudden a peak formed and there were fish all over the sounder, i imediatly ordered dad to kill the motors, i dropped a 200gram abbys pink knife jig down on 80lb gear(yes VERY heavy i know :1prop: ) on about my 10th drop down i got onto something i imeadiatly thought YES KINGY WHOOOOO but it didn't take the big king run got it to the boat and it was a crappy sargent baker, into the kill tank as my freind arthur will eat anything.

About 10 drops later i got smashed just off the bottom i striked up and FISH ON it only lasted about 10 seconds and it was all over the fish reefed me BIG KING on 80lb gear,,,,,lost my jig and a big fish :05: .

All in all it ws a good day, first time i tried jigging, hooked 2 fish one landed one lost, i must be doing something right.

Me and dad are about to buy a good quality jigging outfit,budget of $500 for line rod and reel any recomendations?

cheers james

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Hope you maked that pinnacle somehow, James. I reackon that it would be definitely worth giving that another look - sounds like you were on to a serious fish! :1yikes:


i Marked it on the plotter, also made a mental note really easy to rember.

Who ever buys the boat will have a good mark on the plotter :1prop:

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