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Jiggin For Kings


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Hi guys

What is the best rig to use when jigging for kings?

I will be using 50-80lb gear 150-400grams knfife jigs.

Would wind on leaders be the go?

cheers james

Hi James Shimano Jig 400 will do up to the heavy 400g jigs, matched with a Shimano Spheros 14000 with or with out upgrade. 50lb Braid attached by albright to 3m of 60-80lb Mono . This set up is Killer , but will set u back around $550 , You can get away with cheaper outfits if Dollars an issue, just go Heavy Action Graphite Rod if you do indeed want to run 400g jigs, and Eggbeater with good drag and around 4.5 ratio. Cheers Dave

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