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Shimano Symetre Fi/ Rapala 10lb Braid

Guest IFishSick.

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Guest IFishSick.

I recently bought this duo to go with my soon to be new rod.

Trying it out on one of my older rods this morning down at Lilli Pilli Baths, it produced 1 squid and a whole lot of tangles.

While targetting the frigates I'd cast my little whitebait lure downwind and when it hit that water I'd close the bail arm over. Somehow with the slack line, the line would end up in a big tangle. about 2m above the lure.

After this happened I had to reel in the slack extremely quickly to stop it from happening again, but 6 more tangles and loss of about 10m of line over the morning occured.

If you could tell me is it the line being twisted as it's casted out, the reel twisting the line as it goes onto the spool or just shit line please let me know.

The guys at Fergo's Tackle World will be hearing from me during the week.

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Spot on tonyt.

Overfilling the spool with braid is the most common cause of 'wind knots'.

It can also take a little time for some brands of braid to wear in a bit. It is also important to pack your braid on tightly when you spool up.

Some reels simply don't lay braid properly. Since I've started using better reels & following the above tips I very rarely get wind knots anymore.

In saying that I have had a couple of really nasty spools of braid that were just piss poor & had to be trashed.

Hope this helps.



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maybe you got too much line on you spool i found that you better off having the spool filled about three mm of the lip probably the best for trouble free casts


It used to happen to me on my light gear all the time, quickly figured out the problem, all sweet now.

cheers james

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