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Port Hacking Frigate


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Hi Guys,

Been hitting the Hacking lately to try to get into some of the hot action fellow raiders have been reporting. Tried Lilli Pilli and Warumbul the week before with 10g chrome slices with no luck. Headed down to my local tackle store to try to get some Zoom SPs after reading Dan's (Luringbream) report on their phenomenal success. The store didn't have any but suggested a small 7.5g metal baitfish profile that they had success with at Botany Bay (virtually identical to the River2Sea "Sea Rocky" 7 gram lure in the article on this site on Frigate Mackerel).

Saturday 24/02 I was down at Warumbul again. No surface activity like last week - wasn't looking good. I sent out a Bass Minnow (watermelon) first and was picked up immediately on the drop. After a short fight, I got myself my first legal snapper on soft plastic!! :thumbup: After catching so many throwback pinkies, this just legal one is destined for the dinner table.

Decided to try out the metal baitfish profile soon after and on the third cast, I saw the lure get taken close to the surface. Didn't feel much of a fight initially but as the fish got closer, it started to zoom off. It got a bit chaotic as I tried to reel in, get the net, drop the net to reel in some more, get the net again (a few more times) before I finally had the fish in the net! :yahoo: It came to 40cm and was fat and healthy. In my relative inexperience, I thought it was a bonito but got that cleared up after checking though this site - frigate mackerel, my first pelagic species! There was nothing else after that though I got to see three other frigates close by in the shallows. They were gone in seconds and I had my lure out in the opposite direction. Also saw a 1m wobegong cruise the same shallows and a small eel at my feet as I was cleaning the frigate.


Was at the same spot on Sunday but it was raining and windy. No fish. I brought my kids this trip and we stopped at Audley on the way back so they could have a fish. We saw 6-10 frigates near our rock but again, they were gone in seconds. Didn't know they would cruise so far upstream.

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Nice work pmak :thumbup:

Got some of those zoom SPs from Tony at Fishfinder but didn't have a chance to try them out in botany bay on sunday due to the swell, wind, rain etc.. :1badmood:

Yet to get a pelagic myself but can imagine how good it'll feel after reading your post. Well done.

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good on ya man

i fish port hacking most the time but almost offshore

were is Warumbul?


Warumbul is in the Royal National Park. You'll have to pay for entry to the park or get an annual pass. I go to Warumbul to avoid the crowds at Lilli Pilli - practically no one there most times though after my post, this may not be the same again. I see this as a small sacrifice compared to the amount of knowledge gained from other Raiders sharing their knowledge so I want to do the same too. Put up a report if you give it a go. I may see you there too one day ...

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