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Rod As A Ruler


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Hi all,

I don't know if this is an old idea or not but my wife was watching me trying to measure a flathead i had just caught and was funbling around trying to get the tape measure out of my back pack, I couldn't find it so i just placed my rod next to the fish and took a photo. She just casually says 'Why don't you mark out the rod like a ruler so you don't have to get the tape measure out'? I could't find anything with that statement, Still can't. So has this been done before? Seems like a good idea, fishos are always taking pics with the rod next to the fish. The way you mark the rod is up to you but it doesn't have to be permanent-liquid paper works well.

Any way what do people think?


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as a kid i used to put a bit of electrical tape 20mm wide, at the 25cm mark off the top of my grip and then the top edge would be the 27cm mark.

I also had another one for flathead.

So with 2 piece's of elec tape you have 3 marks for your bread & butter species.

do not mark the rod in any way

my pop when he had a blackfish stick made he had a coloured winding built into and finished with the whole rod.

looked good people used to say your lucky to have bought that rod with the marking on that mark

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