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Shimano Calcutta Ct700b

Rode Cary

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Hi Raiders,

After weeks of shopping around for an overhead reel to fish the rocks and beach for salmon, tailor and may be kingies, I decided to go for a Shimano Calcutta CT700B.

Thanks to Tony the fishfinder for the good service and for the friendly staff

Will put my hands on it tomorrow!!! Can't wait

Does anybody fish with a Shimano Calcutta 700? I would like to get your comments: what line u use? what u target? what's a good rod to match with? use it for spinning and or surf fishing? anything u want to share.

I have a 10 ft Shimano Backbone Elite and am thinking of spooling the reel with 25 lbs platypus super 100



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Hi Bertrand,

I have a fairly new CT700B sitting on a 6'6" Shimano Steve Starling TLD Special rod (about 10 years old now) running 30lb braid over it. It is yet to fire in anger, but it will be primarily to be used as a casting come light jig outfit for kings and other pelagics as well as a bottom/reef outfit.

The reel certainly feels alot better than the previous model, due to the upgraded handle and freespool lever. The older CT700's have been a real workhorse of a reel over the years and have landed some great fish with everything from snapper to sailfish and the new upgraded model will no doubt be just as effective.

All the best.


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