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Tommy Roughs


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Just wondering if anyone has caught a Tommy Rough around Sydney?

Or even down the south coast?


Besides being a top bait for snapper and squid, I love eating them!

I know they'd be rare catch here - but surely someones caught one?

I caught 45cm snook ( short finned sea pike ) in the harbour on Saturday,

( might have to pull out my paravane and go snooking...)

I guess just enjoy catching fish, that dont normally belong in an area.


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Tommy Roughs are related to Salmon, but dont get as big 1kg max, the picture above

woudl be about average size. They have a bigger eye than a salmon and black

tips on their fins


Tommy Rough


Salmon Trout ( juvenile salmon )

Look almost identical except for the eyes and fins

Unlike big Salmon, Salmon Trout bled straight away are really good eating

Once they loose their yellow spots down the side they are no longer called salmon trout.

I have only caught big Salmon in Sydney - has anyone caught salmon trout sized ones (around 30cm?)

which still has its yellow spots?


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I am so glad you posted this.

I caught a salmon trout off whale beach when I was nine. I only know it was a salmon trout because the bloke who was with me told me. To this day I was puzzled because I never saw one again and in the back of my mind I was convinced I had caught one very lost Tommy rough. My boat is actually named "Tommy Ruff"

I don't know what it tasted like, I would have to ask my cat, but he is dead now.


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