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Land Based Squid


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Hi all

I live on the Georges across the river from Lugarno right next to the Illawong ramp.

I was out a couple of days ago after dusk and there was some god almighty splashes out in the river. Now the mullet were jumping (I think) but there was something else iff not jumping then at least rolling around or something.

I am minded to try my surf rod and some squid on ganged hooks with a decent weight to get out into the channel.

Anyone have any advice or reccomendations?


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Hi Simon,

Don't bother casting out to the channel - there is a hole just off to the left and about 30ft out of the old ferry section next to the ramp. A mate has caught a few 70cm+ flatties in there and a couple of jewies on plastics.

The noises where definetly mullet plus since it was dusk there may have been bream feeding off the surface also.


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3 darn cms

I went out this evening using chicken offcuts, you know the fatty bits and meat that get cut off a fillet?

Hooked what felt like a real thumper brought him in, very nice bream, got the tape measure out and 22 cms....


Lots of other bites but still getting the timing right so at least i know the chicken works!


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