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Friday 2/3/07


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Hi everyone,

My chance to get out there and wet a line finally came today, with a day off and no plans made. I had already decided to give my trip to Hill 60 a miss due to the possibility of a large swell and not knwong the area well enough to tackle it on my own just yet.

I picked up the fresh prawns and all my gear and headed to Lilli Pilli baths, arrivign around 6.00am. It already had 4 people fishing it, including one guy with a rod so long that it's almost reach the sandflats of Maianabar. No point haning around so I figured Wally's Wharf was the way to go. Got there about 10 mins later and sure enough, the whole front section of the pontoon was full. I can't imagine what these places are like on the weekend if they're so busy during the week.

Off I went to the pontoon to the right of Captain Cook Bridge, near the charter/party boat area (Sans Souci Park I think..). Stayed there for about an hour and caught 4 undersize bream... actually seriously undersize bream... but at least I felt the tug on my line which I'd almost given up on. There were some other people around me catching poddy mullet.... Left for home, spun some soft plastics at Donnelly Park near my place, which were chased by small something or others and called it quits.

At least it got me out of bed early. Loking forward to the day I can finally get my own boat and fish where I like, when I like..... Oh well.... stilll better than the best day working as they say..


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gday mate I went for a fish today, I checked hill 60 first and with the winds blowing SW and looking a bit rough around the rocks I went off the end of the breakwall at port kembla harbour for a fish protected by the wind and with assistance for casting. Conditions were good, just no fish around... arghh thats fishing.

Tough luck mate, that's fishing for ya, at least you got some sorta rod bendage ;)


Tr=ue Ben, sounds like I made the right decision in not going down. Oh well, next Friday will hopefully be the go there.


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