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Please Help Id A Boat!


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To All raiders an visitors to this site, Myself (Dan) an my brother Greg need your assistance in identifying the owner of a boat that rammed Greg yesterday morning at approximately 10-11am at the wave marker inside North Head near Quarantine Point.

ALL responses with information concerning the owner(etc) of this boat will be keep in strict confidence an not disclosed under any cirumstances!!!


Greg was catching a kingy or 2 @ quarantine, and these 2 guys anchored very close in their 30-45's category questioned him on size. He told them they were legal an if they had any doubts called Fisheries. They did.

Fisheries checked Greg less than 30mins later, this boat was still anchored alongside him less than 10M'S away. All kingys in gregs esky were legal. Fisheries left. Greg nailed another kingy not long after Fisheries left an before he had even taken the hook out of its mouth, they were telling him to toss it back. Same story as before Greg said an doubts call fisheries. At which point they had up anchored, an rammed there bow straight into the back of our 4.1M tinny. Damage suffered was only superficial,,, a chunk outa the motor casing, an a dent in the hull. VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!

Greg reported this to the respective authorities but cause this boat didnt stick around, an he didnt catch their rego,,,, they are powerless,,,,, this is despite the fact that they call Fisheries on us, apparently when we contacted fisheries, the report had no name given, just a location.

Any help on pursing this matter would be appreciated. This was a very scary moment for Greg, could have cracked the hull, an sank the boat. It could have been anyone one of US!!!!!!!!!

Boat Description: The boat that rammed Greg was a 5.75M Haines Hunter with 150HP johnstone. Name of vessel "HYPHEN". It was a older model half cab haines, without bimini, an it had long white poles simliar to a outrigger. And the hull was sky blue.

Any assistance pertaining to owner, rego, mooring, etc of this boat will be greatly appreciated.


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