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Botany Bay Mon 5/2007


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Hi Guys,

Just thought I better leave a report as disapointing as it is.. :thumbdown:

Went out today in the Bay....trying to hit Kings with no luck at all...

There seemed to be a bit of action around Molinaux Point, I saw Scotty Lions pull up a couple and one other boat... but no real size in them at all..

I could see fish on the sounder but thet dissapeared shortly after the tide turned... (wish I had thrown in my downrigger)

I then tried the Hot water outlet and the oil warf with not a bit... (we were burleying heavily too!!!)

We gave up after that and headed to Towra where we got one decent bream and a stingray.... poor consolation... :1badmood:

We would have chased flathead but were geared up for Kings...

Oh well think I will stick to the Harbour for a while...


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