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Fishing Next Week


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BOMBO? mate i might be in, when ya thinking? If i get the sack tomorrow I am definately in.


Yeah mate Bombo for sure!

i looked at the tides and high tide rolls in early mornings, i've been experimenting with different tides there.

I fished low tide last for a poor day, it seems that place thrives during a high tide ( more shelter and cover i assume) the only concern with the high tide is that if conditions are a bit dodgy there have been some nice waves that have almost seen me in the drink.... :beersmile: ( i am the beer.... lol) :1prop:

early in the week the tide comes in between 2-4am and later in the week it comes in 4-7am.

im not exactly sure about tides whether the time they give you is the peak for the tide, my experiments need to cover b4 and after the tide ( 2 hours each way), i've been there on 1st light once, which from memory wasnt that crash hot, my success usually comes between the 7-10am timeslot, then again i have never fished an afternoon/evening there which is on my to do list, so if theres early morning high tides then you'd assume the next high tide would be in the afternoon...

Sorry for the thesis.... this trip ultimately depends in my success in gaining access to a fellow member's boat, as i probably dont have the funds to cover 2 fishing trips! ( getting a chance to catch a KINGY is my number 1 priority)

Im always willing to hear stories and reports for Bombo, so if u have any goodens, let me know!

Or as always if you know of another good spot in the region im willing to have a go.

cheers ben,

Ian :1fishing1:

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