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Balmoral 7/03


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Went down to the wharf about 4pm this arvo

First cast i was on to a tailor :yahoo: .There was no surface action but they were all stuffed full of frogmouth pilllies , so i can only imagine there was a serious feeding frenzy going on before i got there!

All up probly landed 25~30 tailor, mostly in the 25~30cm range , loosing 2 frigates in the process :05:

Not bad for a 1 hour session ay :biggrin2:

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lets just hope Balmoral doesnt get the Tailor infestation like Clontarf had.

They came in by the truckload following the bait fish and everything else went dead! no bonnies or kingies for at least 3 weeks... I havent been down since, so hopefully they are giving the other fish a go :)


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Guest dicko1

Good work there rob! You do always seem to end up at the right place at the right time! Unlucky with the firgates though, better luck next time!

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