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Parra River

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Headed out early sat morning for fish before the races at Warick Farm. We left the ramp just on first light and had the water to oursleves. Started out near Iron Cove where we didn't get much so decided to head into Hen and chicken bay. While there we would have caught 20 or so rubbish size flathead which wasn't all that exciting. We then decided to make our way back to the ramp as I had to pick my dad up at 10.30 to take him out to the races. I thought i would have one last flick along the rockwall near the ramp and work and was amazed to see large schools of bream crusing in the water. Already late i decided to through a couple anyway and after a couple of casts i was on. Nice fight and had boated a nice bream. Again a threw another and on again. I wanted to stay badly but recieved a phone call from my dad who was waiting for me. So we tossed it and headed back.




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Nice bream.

Did you measure it?

No i didn't mate. I was too excited about catching another one! Guessing it was 35 or so and it fought really well, had the SOL working. I have never seen so many fish in the river before. I wish i could have filmed it to show you guys. It was pure addrenilen on the boat, we were chasing them with the minn kota


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That's definitely an over 30 specimen. Well done! :thumbup:

Btw, which lure did the damage?



We were using pearl water melon bass minnow and evil minnow flick bait. On really light squidgy finesse heads.

Nice result, Randall! I can't imagine seeing a large school of good bream zooming around - amazing... Shame you couldn't catch a few more! Well done.


I wish i could have stayed longer but only left due to time!

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Shame you had to leave but the fish will always be there. Hate it when they start biting as you're about to leave :mad3: .

Nice catch though and seeing the sunrise over the harbour would've been as spectacular as the swimming school of bream.

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