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Team Or Non Boater?


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Hi Raiders

Not sure how many tournement fishers are here but I will ask away......

Do you rather team events or the standard pairing of boater/nonboater????

Boater/nonboater= your fishing with a mystery person each day.

Team= You fish with one of your mates.

If there was 2 events on in one day, similar money, prizes and distance, what would you chews to do?



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Personally I recon they both have their place....

I really enjoy the ABT format with the random Boater / non-boater parings. Its very rare you will fish with someone new and not learn something.... I especially liked this format from a non-boaters point of view. I learnt more about breaming in 1 weekend than I did in 12 months of reading and teaching myself.

The last couple of events I have fished have been teams events which have been heaps of fun. It allows you to try different tactics and explore new options during the comp...... plus there is still a bit of freindly rivalry between you and your mate...

If I had to pick between the 2 I would go teams event

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Thanks King and Jethro

Being a boater makes it different in boater non boater for me.

Take ABT Sydney harbor, I didn't fish any of my fav boats in the cove for fear of my non boaters knowing which ones they are. They are both good anglers and both fish the harbor and fish team events as well. So I walked in with a totally different run than I usually fish and it showed in my resaults in the end.......

I love teams events as the secrets stay on the boat.


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I love the teams format but fishing socially with a mate doesnt mean that you will be a good pairing in a comp its something you really have to work at

I also like the chance to meet and fish with other fisherman as in the random pairings in ABT though I much prefered the shared weight format so you arent competing against each other in the boat and can work together

So which boats are they Greg :biggrin2: another harbour comp next weekend

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