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Rego Labels


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just wondering what is the best way to remove rego label from boat. :unsure:

If it was on a window it wouldnt be a problem but its been placed on the hull on the port side,

anyone got any ideas on how to remove it without scratching or damaging the hull itself it would

be greatly appreciated.


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We got some stuff from the supermarket called 'oomph glue remover' and it is deadly on stickers. Simply spray it on the sticker and wait a few minutes and then the sticker comes off with your fingers. It comes in a little 250ml spray for about $4.00 and hasn't damaged any of the painted surfaces we have used it on.

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This idea I have used once.

Get a wet cloths - the blue / green cloths for washing up. cut and fold a little bigger than label.

Put it over the label.

put cling wrap over it and tap the edges.

Leave for a few hrs

Then pull it all off.

Hopefully the water soaks through underneath and makes it soggy and the label falls away.

Clean up with warm water and detergent.

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