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Mooring A Boat - Wear And Tear


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if I buy another boat after, and I get to moor it, won't the engine wear down easier if its kept on the water?

Lets just say I get a Maxum bowrider like:


Because since I moor it I won't be able to wash the saltwater off or flush the engine.

Just wondering what happens :)

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My boats engines are inboard and run fresh water thru them,

and are cooled via heat exchange with salt water running through the

manifolds and risers,these act in a similar way to a cars radiator,instaed

of cold air to cool it they use cold sea water.

no salty water touches the engines.

If anything is to stuff up its these and they can be easily replaced.

If ur boat has an outboard motor then u may have a problem.

but im sure there will be away around it.


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Are all inboards like that? No saltwater reaches the engine?

No not all are fresh water cooled. Some are salt water cooled which have there own set of problems.

You can get flushing bags to put on your outboard motor to clean it when it is on a mooring, I have never used one so can't say how well they work.



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