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Kingie And Flattie


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Headed out about 6:30 from Roseville straight over to Balmoral for some yakkas. It took about 30 minutes of berly before we had hundreds of yakkas at the boat. Quickly pulled in 7 then headed over to Clifton. When we arrived we counted 16 boats. Word is out i guess that the kingies are hanging around. I caught one just legal rat king on a live yakka on my new outfit so was pretty happy.

Saw what i thought to be the blue frog cruise past with a couple of likely raiders on board. How did you guys go? pretty bloody good i bet with Kelvin leading the hunt.

Anyway after that moved on to a couple of spots for not much until we got a 55 cm flattie from our usual hole near the Spit.

All up good day with both Herminator and myself taking dinner home. I just love to eat Kingfish!!!!!!!!!post-2060-1173503174_thumb.jpgpost-2060-1173503336_thumb.jpg

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Well done Zenman, glad you guys got a feed.

I may be off the track here, but I don't think Kelvin was on the water today. I was of the understanding he was at work today, and going out tomorrow.

Perhaps we have a Kelvin impersonator, a Kelvinator :074: But I can understand how you would come to that conclusion, if you see a big blue boat with a flotilla following, kind of like the pied piper.

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