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Deal Of A Lifetime


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Hi to all Fishraiders,

Darren from Trailer Boat Hire is offering his great boats to any Fishraider Member for $90 :1yikes:


For the next month you can give Darren a call on 0433846643 and take these superb tinnies out all day.

The hours will be pick up the night before if you have a secure place to store the boat or between 6 am and 8 am in the morning and be off the water by dusk and return the boat back to Darrens by no later than 8 pm.

You can go wherever you like as long as you have a boat license .

This deal includes all the goodies, sounder and downrigger :yahoo: for a flat fee of $90. (fuel extra)

You can even take it to Sydney Harbour or into the Hawkesbury and fish all day for this low price.

This offer is great for you landbased guys with a mate who has a license and want to get stuck into the Kingies out of casting distance from the shore.

The Boats are equipped with 30 hp motors and will get you to your spot in quick time.

Any questions or queries give me a PM and I will answer them for you.

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Guys...This is an excellent deal for Raiders only..take up this offer while it lasts.

These boats are fantastic and are in top condition.

With the sounder and downrigger included...all you land lubbers (me included) can

now get amongst the hoodlem kingies just like the big boys.

If you have a boat licence or have a buddy that does...this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

I know i will be taking one out ASAP..probably to the harbour and chase kings all day.

This is a saving of over $45 per day on the going rate.

I highly recommend these boats to you. Take a look at the post I made when I first hired one of these beauties a few months back. Review of Trailerboathire Dec. 2006



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For those that may have missed the post yesterday...here it is again. (read above)

I urge Raiders to take up this generous offer while it lasts.

Too good to miss at this daily rate.



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Don't forget Raiders, to take advantage of the generous offer from Darren at Trailerboats

as this offer is valid for this month only.

If you want to get amongst the kings in the harbour, either during the week or the weekend,

this is the boat to do it in.

The boats are equipped with a sounder and downrigger so you can play like the big boys

at a fraction of the cost.

Get a couple of mates together and hit the kingies for $90 all day..



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I can believe the value you get from Darren @ Trailerboats just by being a Fishraider member

and everything is new ..... no old clunker secondhand fix junker like you usually get with a hire boat

Now there's no reason to miss out :1fishing1: if your own boats out of action

Thanks guy's :beersmile:


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:bump0ee: Dont forget guys this deal is available this month only

I have been on one of Darrens boats and can say that is a pretty sweet ride

had a great day out and the downrigger was an awesome extra to have on board as well

(didnt catch anything but what the heck lol)

So dont miss out guys get a couple of your mates together and have a blast



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I have taken advantage of Darren's generous offer and hired one of his boats for tomorrow.

Hitting the harbour targeting kingies, so hopefully will be able to post up a successful session tomorrow.

This offer was just too good to pass up and if you are quick, you may be still able to get the Deal of a Lifetime.

I just picked up the boat tonight for an early start from Tunks Park.

If anyone is on the harbour tomorrow and sees one of Tralierboathire's boats with 2 blokes wearing Fishraider hats fishing..drop by and say g'day.

Also, anyone got any spots firing for kings at the moment I should be trying? I'll be giving the usual haunts a try

but if anyone has a "sure fire" spot they want to share..by PM if you like" I'd be most grateful.

First time back on the water after my medical woes, so am looking forward to a great day.



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