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Hammerhead Shark


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They are definately edible and taste nice like most other sharks.

As good as bronze whalers not as nice as gummies.

They need to be trunked as soon as they are caught ( gutted, cut through back of head and all fins taken off)

Then soak the meat overnight in water with lemon juice ( or few table spoons of vinegar )

Stick it on the BBQ very nice! No strong taste or bones - just lots of white flakey meat.

I've only eaten it once as I let hammerheads go or they usually gain their own freedom

- they fight really hard even the small ones and head straight to the bottom

much like a king - but with a lot more force.

Bronzies under 3 feet make a good meal though - they fight like wet paper bags compared to hammerheads

- but i would eat sharks much bigger than that or too often


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