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Lake Illawarra 17-18 Of March


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On Saturday at lunchtime myself, My best mate and a work mate of his all left for Lake Illawarra to hit the Flatties in the lake. The fella that we took down with us was new to fishing and was an exciting time when we got to take him shopping for a new rod and reel for soft plastics so he was set up. An hour in Deans Tackle shop and $300 odd later he had everything he needed to go fishing!

At this stage we had decided to fish the afternoon and the morning and found somewhere for us to sleep for a few hours near the lake After doing that and going to the shops to get some supplies as we werent expecting to stay we were off to the lake.

The weather was horrible for humans yesterday but the flattie seemed to like it!

After explaining the techniques and knots and what not to Chris we were out there wading and teaching him what we knew (not much) as we went along.

The first fish went to Sam (my best mate) about a 40cm flattie and a keeper!

A little while later I landed my first fish who was boarderline and could have kept him but we decided to let him go as we reckoned we could get bigger fish to fry!

2nd fish went to Sam another one around the 38-40cm mark and we decided to keep!

Chris kept persisting at this stage with a couple of hook ups but the eagerness and excitement of catching his first fish kept making small mistakes which saw the fish get off.

3rd fish was mine, at this stage I had done some more walking and was around where two break walls were a fair way away from the other two!

I got absolutely smashed here by my PB flathead to date at 46.5cm flattie that soon found his way into our esky!

Chris the nooby got a hook up again and in his haste ripped the fishes lips off (hehe) and lost it. After this happened we explained that there was no need to do that once you got hooked and just to keep tension on the line and the drag would do the rest!

After this Chris caught a comerant that flew into his line (biggest catch of the day) After a bit of drama the bird wasn't harmed and got away!

With it getting cold, windy and wet we decided to clean what fish we had, get some dinner, have a drink and go to be reasonably early with a 5:30am alarm set we all went to bed.

Up at 5:30am we stuffed around for an hour or so before we got to the lake!

Sam was hooked up on his 2nd or third cast with a fella who was legal but we decided to let him fight another day!

Chris had one on and lost it which he then got told to relax again and it would come in due time.

It was pretty quiet today and it showed as there didn't appear to be much being caught by anybody after sam's initial fish.

about 8-8:30am Chris lands his first fish caught on a rod and first fish caught on SP's (pink gulp) he was stoked and it was a good size of around 40cm!

I had a hook up of a big flatty at which point I got ready to land him and my knot that was holding my braid and fluro on snapped (albright knot and it wasn't very bright!) I was not happy by this and gave up on this not and went to the tried and tested surgeon's knot! Infact I was certain it was a flatty that was near the size of my last big one and was not happy at all that I lost it but hey, Thats fishin'!

All in all a great overnight getaway and it was great to introduce another person to fishing! Chris loved it and will be coming with us again shortly!

All up we took home 4 fish so we all get a feed with Sam having the two and we let 2 guys go! 6 fish for about 6 hours fishing thats pretty good for us!

I'd like to thank Gongfisho for giving me a bit of advice! I knew the flatty were running hot but we fished the area where he told us to and we got results so thanks mate!

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Yak? Is that one of those pedal powered canoes that have been getting around? They look awesome but are pricey!!!

I can't wait to get a run about I reckon my fishing will greatly improve with one!

6 Flatties FM? What were you using? I guess you can just buzz around the lake whenever you want which is cool!

As far as being keen to get out there in that crappy weather we figured well the bottom half of us is going to be wet so who gives a crap about the top half (except I was freezing) was worth it when I pulled that flattie in though!!

We were casting into the wind which was helping the distance of our casts so apart from it freezing us it wasn't too bad!

I seem to notice when the conditions are crap for people the fish seem to be on the bite!

Cheers fella's!!

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Yak? Is that one of those pedal powered canoes that have been getting around? They look awesome but are pricey!!!

yeah mate thats what it is hobie kayak about 2 grand

ive been mainly catching them on sqiudgy 70mm flick bait in bloodworm


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