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Hawkesbury 18/03/2007


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Took #1 son PJ (5 years) out to try and catch ANYTHING from the Hawkesbury. The day couldn't have started worse, as I ripped the boat cover whilst taking it off. :ranting2: Then the jockey wheel seized and eventually broke before I'd even hooked the trailer up to the car. :ranting2: Went back inside to get PJ only to find he'd had what can only be described as a faecal accident, all over his clothes and the bathroom. His attempt to clean it up with toilet paper, soap and water was failing miserably! :ranting2: I thought seriously about calling the whole day off, as after starting the recent "Dumb Things" post, I'm now slightly paranoid about adding to it.

Anyway, decided to risk it & headed out. PJ got a small bream at the rail bridge, then a small flathead at Juno. Anyone fishing there at the time probably heard him proclaim "Ittt's aaaa Duuusssskkkky Flatheeeeead!" at the top of his voice! Saw what looked to be Tailor boiling on the surface a few times right near the boat. Scampered around for something to try and catch them with, but all I could find in my tackle box was a Wonder Wobbler I bought about 25 years ago! I think it might of been a case of too little too late, as they disappeared before I could get a shot at them. Were any other Raiders near Juno Pt today, and if so, did you see any similar surface action?

Finished up the day feeding a nursery in Cowan Creek, getting a reasonable sized flounder, a small whiting and a few small squire, including one which I managed to land even though it had wrapped the line around what looked like part of an old barnacle encrusted shopping trolley (landed that too!). PJ also got bitten off by something reasonable before I could see what it was, as I was hooked up also.

The highlight for PJ though, was as we were walking to get the car at Berowra Waters Ramp. He said "Look Dad, a Stingray". I thought "yeah right" but was most suprised to see a ray of at least 70cm diameter right behind where people were launching and retreiving their boats! :1yikes:

All in all, a good, fun day despite the early hiccups! :biggrin2::thumbup:

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Intereting report KW.

I am so glad the boys are now teens and past the "feacal accident" phase.

As for the wonder wobler I only recently lost the last of my long held woblers (hooked an unreleasable bottom). I had three diferent sizes and they still worked a treat in a tailor fight. The cheap slices I have replaced them over the years work just as well but I still think the mighty wobler trolls better.


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