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Botany Bay Outside


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Hi guys

Got to cooks river ramp at 5.30,,, only about 8 boats there and 1 other guy setting up never seen it so quiet.

Got to molinoux point and burlyed up for some yakkas in about 40 mins we had about 10 yakkas in the tank including one HORSE yakka about 30cm long.

Started heading towards the close fad, got about 3 km from north head and BANG a massive school of slimey mackrel bust up right next to us, straight out goes the horse yakka on a 24kg outfit and a skirt on a 30lb outfit slow trolled (1-2knots)around the school for about 15 mins whilst jigging at the same time occassionally,,, then made the decision to slowely troll the yakka south in about 250 feet of water, water temp 22.0 degrees flat and surface action everywhere, got inline about 3kms of south head decided to bring the yakka in and swap over to skirts, 24kg outfit comes in and the yakkas gone with only abit of him left on the hook.

Got to our secret jigging spot jigs in water 3 of us jigging 2nd drop dad gets a rock cod :1prop: .

Jigged for about 30 mins over various spots for nothing.

Decided to go and have a fish around merries reef. On the way there a big school of fish busts up next to us so we decided to troll a few chromes around merries and botany cone where the school was hanging.

About 2 mins into trolling i have my 8lb shimano crestfire baitcaster outfit in my hand slowely moving my rod back and fourth and my other hand on the steering wheel and BANG it goes off line starts peeling off at a rate of knots i call dad to the controls and start fighting my fish after about 4 mins it swimms towards the boat and we get a look, it was either a large bonito or a large frigate mackrel then it takes a big dive down and the hook pulls :ranting2: damn.

Back to trolling around the merries reefs for about 15 mins for nothing else just a few hits.

Anchored off merries in 40 feet to setup a few rods for bottom bashing hear a splash and look around to see a school or frigate mackrel about 3 meters off the port side, out goes metal lures and sp jerkshads tried for ages only a few hits.

Istarted feeling sick threw about 3 meals up over the space of 2 hours :biggrin2: .

Moved out into about 90 feet of water and started drifting back in towards cronulla beach, between dad and john they bag about 6 flattys between 35-47cm, 1 leatherjackt of about 30cm, dad caught multiple sargent bakers biggest getting close to 85cm, and he hooked a steamtrain of a fish that busted him off on 50lb braid and 50lb leader.

Headed back into botany to have a jig around molinoux point sounded a few fish up next to a marker, down goes a jig i have about 6 jigs then hand over to dad so i can drive the boat get about 4 meters east of the johnson wax bouy and dad gets a follow up of a king that was estimated to be 80cm, hung around for 5 mins for nothing.

Moved to the drums and had a jig around for nothing but saw alot of surface action again mixed mullet and garfish.

Decided to call it a day with 6 keeper flattys a sore stomach and sore arms from jigging got back to ramp at 3 and haded home.

cheers james

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shadda mate theres plenty of action around merries, the sea was pretty ugly at first then as the day progreessed it got better, good luck also theres LOTS of blue bottles around we watched one get attacked by a fish of somekind.

cheers james

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Guest IFishSick.

Good report mate, pity about those Pelagics :ranting2:

Just don't like hooks do they?

We'll get 'em one day when I'm on board!

Edited by IFishSick.
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