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Kingies Making A Big Comeback


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Is it just me, or are the local kingfish populations making a huge comeback. i remember years ago my old mans mates used to always go to the Peak and come back with heaps of thumper kings. then the pros slayed them all with floating traps and kings were a rare catch. since the banning of these traps some years ago the kingies seem to be making a huge recovery. the last few years has seen heaps of rats around the 50-70cm mark landed. but now im seeing regular reports of kings around the 80cm+ mark being caught in the harbour. although i havent been fortunate enough to bag one in the 80+ cm mark, ive nailed a few above legal size and have been cleaned up by what i believe to have been bigger specimans. i reckon its bloody great. hopefully in another 3-5 years kings of between 80-100cms will become a regular catch, they seem to be getting bigger and more numerous every year. i for one am hoping the trend will continue

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