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Jewfishing From The Captain Cook Bridge


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Can someone please give me some advice on where jews are taken in the system in, they dont have to be your secret spots just an idea in places where i should look for baits and jews ect...

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Captain Cook is an interesting place on a Friday/Saturday night. If you dont get there by 7.00pm there can be nights where there is no room left.

If any of the elusive Jews come through they are greeted by a huge array of lines in the water and probably just as many different baits.

The drift between the two bridges can be just as effective but without the hassle of 5million boats.


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Myself and domza have fished the captain cook a number of times chasing jews, had runs but never caught any.

A big bycatch was an 89cm flatty by member DOMZA.

A good spot for jews is directly under the middle of the bridge, theres a redlight mounted on the sides of the bridge indicating that it is the middle part.

There is a deep channel there drops off from 25-30 to about 50 feet from memory, sound around to find this.

On the southern side of the bridge the pylon closest to the shore has a hole right next to the eastern side on a run out tide, use live tailor for bait or yakkas, seen plenty of guys using squid with no results, this spot can be accessed by both boat and land anglers, if you are in a boat move out abit so you don't make and land based anglers unhappy aand to avoid being hit by large sinkers.

cheers james

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