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Does anyone have a good place to fish around Bondi?

It seems like there are few fisherman fishing at bondi beach, but I was wondering what I can catch from there. Also are there other locations nearby?

Thanks in advance.

Oh Land base fishing...

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I fish the Eastern suburbs a fair bit but haven't ever tried Bondi due to the crowds. I have seen, or had confirmed, the following captures:

Squid from 'the boot' using ordinary jigs (small southern headland in front of Icebergs - only fishable in very low swell conditions)

Squid from the weed beds in front of the pool at the north end of the beach.

Massive squid from the north headland using whole yakka on squid spike (again be very careful of the swell)

Drummer from the washes off the headlands.

Tailor from the headland between Bondi and Mackenzies.

If you ever want to have a try off the beach at night let me know and I'll join you.

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I should admit that the abundance of squid in my knowledge of fishing Bondi is probably more due to me specifically chasing squid than it is to do with Bondi being a particularly good squid spot!!

Fish in amongst the breakers eh? Probably tailor and bonnies. Could be well worth a spin of an evening.

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