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The 1ST mark to beat for Bonito is 71cm taken by Ray R on a raider spinner 40gram

post-3198-009848400 1301272491_thumb.jpg


The 2ND mark to beat is a 65cm Bonito on a Halco Outcast 20g near the Harbour Bridge in Sydney Harbour by @Owen Douglas



The 3RD place mark to beat for Bonito is 62 cms taken by Leigh on a half by quarter off Crackneck


4TH place mark goes to Squishy for her 61cm Bonito caught on a halco diver just inside botany heads


The 5TH place mark to beat is 60cm by Josh88 taken in Pittwater on a Gillies metal slice. Full report here!


Equal 5TH place goes to blackfishfishing for his 60cm Bonito on lure.

post-256-099494300 1326853688_thumb.jpg


60 cm bonito.jpg

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