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Botany Bay University Survey


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Has anyone else been surveyed by the people from the uni?

A few weeks ago a young lady gave us a piece of paper explaining who they are and what they are doing at the start of the trip (cooks river ramp 430am :1yikes: )

and when we returned a group of them were surveying which included both questions and inspecting the days catch.

They seemed to walk straight past our boat, and went to the brand new streaker parked behind us. Did not see them going to an old or small boat the whole time we were retrieving, i wonder why?

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:biggrin2: I've wondered how long it would take before a Raider asked. I know exactly what the survey is about because I'm helping out! THERE IS NO HIDDEN AGENDA - that's for sure. The young lady in question is completing her honours at UNSW - she's repeating a study carried out in 2000 in order to compare results and then assess the changes in trends between 2000 and 2007 (now Botany is non-commercial). Guys, I'd urge you to all be as compliant as possible, as she is doing the long hours as Robbie has suggested in order to compile a lot of data to increase the accuracy of results - the results are for a thesis. All the questions are very simple and it doesn't take much time to complete a survey and have your fish measured. Last of all, I'll keep a look-out for Raiders if I'm down there assisting - come and say hi! Dom, as far as not going to old or small boats, I've got no idea why that trend appeared - the idea is to survey everyone if possible!


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