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G'day raiders.

I am heading for the Shoalhaven oven easter.

We do it every year, but every year we catch stuff-all.

We fish from a boat but usualy in the river as we have

wives and kids with us.

Ive only ever caught small throwbacks from the river apart

from one dopey bonito that slammed a plastic 2 years back.

(Must have been dumbest fish in the river)

Any suggestions would be soo much appreciated. The wife

would love some fresh fish on good friday. She usualy goes

to the bowling club to get it. (and likes reminding me of the fact)

Not after secret spots or the like.....just some suggestions to

have a good chance.

Cheers :beersmile:

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Just to doublecheck shoalhaven is greenwell point isnt it.

Anyway where all the trawlers are tied to the big jetty at greenwell point is good for bream, tailor and ludrick.

Looking east off the jetty to the left of you is a little rock wall next to the channel try there for bream, snapper, flathead and ludrick on a high tide or run out were a big eddie is formed around the rocks.

If you are on a boat as you go out the heads past the big breakwall theres is a beach from memoery its called the 7 mile beach, drift along the beach for whiting, flathead and occasionally pelagics, whilst drifting the beach once we drifted over several schools of horse slimey mackrel.

cheers james

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thanx for the tips guys.

Hopefully i will have a good report when i return.

Would love to get outside as we have 2 x 6meter boats going.

But most of the crew are there to just drink and be merry on

the boats..........therefore probably best we stay inside.

Thanks again

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