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Harbour Session 23/3


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Got out for a cheeky session before work this morning. Early low made squiding a challenge, but got a couple on 2g YoZuri's. 40 minutes at Clifton Gardens for 1 rat king (57cm) and a couple of squid robbing bream. Relocated to SpotA for when the tide started to run in properly. A charter operator was a little put out that his 'secret' spot was taken and left after a few casts, but not before exhorting us to 'not tell ANYONE about it'......as if! Fishing was HOT for about an hour, 5 kings to the boat, same again busted off. Mostly rats but Andy, the cabin/anchor boy landed a chunky 73cm model which used it's weight to good effect on light gear. Included in the bag were a good size tailor and a smelly pike. The good bite made us late, but there'll be plenty of time for work come winter! I've lived all over the world, but ripping into hard fighting gamefish in view of your office block is hard to beat!

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