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Bream Rigs


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Guest IFishSick.

Try small soft plastics, mainline to leader via albright knot to lure via uni knot

For a bait rig you want a running sinker to swivel to trace to hook, or mainline to leader with running sinker going to the hook.

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Hey fellas just a quick question for any of yas im headn fishn 2moz wit ma dad at kanahooka just wonderin if yas know ne gud rigs if u do can u plz mesge bak asap cheers tom :thumbup:

man your spelling is worse than mine :biggrin2::1welcomeani:

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you are using a keyboard not a phone

so you do not need to use short hand

as for Bream rigs

i use a sinker plus trace but the trace about 1m not a short one

and as said fish as light as possible.

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