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Kingies After Work


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another top report kelvin.

just a question how deep is the wedding cakes and how do you stop an angry hoodlum in say about 15m of water. is there a technique or is it all about the tackle.

The water around the wedding cake is pretty shallow. IN some parts it is only about7 meters. The technique to employ depends upon how sporting you want to be.

I use 50lb braid as a minimum when downrigging. My reels are pretty good pieces of gear only use the shimano torsa, stella and daiwa saltiga for downrigging. Downrigging gives the kingies the biggest head start so I use the heaviest gear. Set my drag with scales to a minimum of 10kgs. Often it is set to 15kgs. When you get a hit-keep the pressure on constantly. If the fish isn't taking any line, you must be gaining it. Don't ever let a good king just bounce around especially when it is near the bottom . Forget about pumping and winding. This only gives the kings a breather and a chance to make it to the bottom. I just crank them up!!!!The drag must either be singing or you are cranking. Fish the tackle that you have to the max!!!

Even with heavy tackle if you aren't switched on you'll lose a lot of good fish so stay alert and keep those above points in mind. When fishing other techniques you can go a bit lighter but you'll lose the big ones. CHeers Kelvin

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